How to use Calendar function

The calendar in the OneDee X application can be viewed in the section. Annual company vacation, own leave, or colleague's vacation

  • Tap on the calendar icon bar at the bottom. To start using the function

The calendar will display various items. According to the color of the circle symbol as follows 1. Holiday (pink) = shows the company's annual holidays based on the country calendar. 2. My Leave (orange) = show my leave That there was a leave and what kind 3. Other's Leave (blue) = shows the leave of the colleague As to what kind of leave and what kind

You can choose different tabs. To view only the information you need: 1. All Events = View all items, whether it is a vacation or leave on the date that the user presses to select 2. Holidays = View only the annual holidays on the date the user presses. 3. Leave = View only leave days according to the date the user presses.

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