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How to manage Teams

How to Create Team

  • Click Create New Team for create New Team
  • Enter Team Name you want
  • Click Create

How to Create Sub-Team

  • Click
    for Expand all Sub-Team
  • Click Create New Team
  • Enter Name Sub-Team
  • Click Create

How to add Member

  • Enter Employee Name in search box
  • Click Employee Name

How to Create Approve Flow

  • Click Approve Line
  • Click New Flow
  • Enter Flow Name
  • Click Create

How to Set up Approve Lines

  • Click Set up form...

How to Create and Set up Approval Level

  • Manage Approvers = Set Approval
  • Min. Approval Required = Number of Approval
  • Approve level sort from bottom to top
  • Click
    to create or set approval for this Approve Line
  • Enter Approver Group Name
  • Click Create
  • Click Manage Approver
  • Select ผู้อนุมัติ
  • Click Save
  • Click Min. Approval Required to set number of approval for this line

How to set Team Maker

  • Click Add Manager
  • Enter Employee Name you want
  • Click Employee Name
  • Click Save