Words used to talk with bots


How to Clock

Clock in

  • Clock in Wifi

  • Clock in iBeacon

  • Clock in GPS

  • Clock in QR code

Clock out

  • Clock out Wifi

  • Clock out iBeacon

  • Clock out GPS

  • Clock out QR code

How to get your History clock

  • Clock History Today

  • Clock History Yesterday

  • Clock History This Week

  • Clock History Last Week

  • This Month Clock

How to get your Shift

  • My shift

  • My today shift

  • My yesterday shift

  • My this week shift

  • My next week shift

How to Break

Break in

  • Break in Wifi

  • Break in iBeacon

  • Break in GPS

  • Break in QR Code

Break out

  • Break out Wifi

  • Break out iBeacon

  • Break out GPS

  • Break out QR Code

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